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Ball Bearings

Ball Bearings are a rolling-element bearing consisting of balls to maintain the separation between bearing forces. The equipment is specifically used to reduce the frictional force and support axial and radial loads. The rolling ball incorporated in the equipment leads to the reduction of the frictional coefficient to ensure the smooth movement of the object. Our manufactured product, ball bearing is designed to support both spiral/radial and axial loads.

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Ball Bearings India

Taper Roller Bearings

Bansal Bearing Co. offers a comprehensive range of Taper ball Bearing in India. The equipment is specifically designed to bear thrust and radial loads on rotating shafts and in the housing application. The equipment is designed to support thrust and bear. It comprises of four integral parts that are the cone (inner ring), the cup (outer ring), the tapered rollers (rolling elements), and a cage (roller retainer).The equipment is constructed following the international standard.

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Taper Roller Bearings India

Bearing Material

Bearing material is available in two different forms based upon the material used in the manufacturing of the bearing materials. As per the client’s requirement and specification, we provide the bearing material with advanced feature to deliver high performance. It is a load bearing equipment constructed to bear high load in various mechanical application. The equipment is manufactured under great precision and care to deliver high performance in carrying loads.

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Bearing Material India